Spectrum Oral Surgery
Teeth Extractions

Odds are, everyone needs a tooth extracted at some point. Very few people have perfect teeth for their entire life.

What Are My Options?

  • Local anesthesia - Commonly known as freezing. It's the simplest form of anesthesia and should be considered for single simple extractions.
  • Local anesthesia and sedation - we can offer you various types of sedation. This type of anesthesia is appropriate for more extensive surgery and should be discussed during a consultation in our office.
  • General anesthesia - this means you are completely asleep for your surgery. Please discuss this with your surgeon.

How much does it cost?

Cost for an extraction varies according to the amount of surgery involved. We follow all guidelines and fee schedules appropriate for oral surgeons. We will discuss cost with you during your consultation. At all consults, we provide you with an estimate for you to submit to your insurance company.