Spectrum Oral Surgery

What Is A Dental Implant?

A dental implant is basically a titanium fixture that is used to replace missing teeth, or to support dentures or fixed bridgework.

How Successful Is This?

We have been doing implants since the early 1980's. Those implants are typically still in place. We estimate the success in non-smokers as better than 95 per cent. With smokers, the success rate is approximately 80 per cent.

How Long Do They Last?

Implants last a very long time. There are patients with implants in place for up to 30 years. They are prone to mechanical problems, but the problems in general are less common and severe than problems with natural teeth.

How Long Does The Procedure Take?

Depending upon the number of implants, it can take between 20 minutes and a couple of hours for the procedure itself. The healing time varies according to the circumstances. Implants require a healing period during which time the bone fuses to the implant. This is a process known as osseo-integration. The strength of an implant increases from the time of its placement up until about one year post-operatively. In most cases, we like to allow a 3-6 month healing period for implants.

How Do I Know If I'm A Candidate?

In order for us to tell whether an implant is possible, three things have to be accomplished: we require a dental examination, appropriate x-rays and knowledge of your medical history.

How Are Implants Used?

They can be used to support a full or partial denture or they can be used to provide fixed restorations of missing teeth.

What Can I Expect After The Placement Of An Implant?

The amount of post-operative discomfort is relative to the degree of the surgery. In many cases, when patients have one or two implants, they are back to normal daily activities the day after the surgery. With more extensive implant surgery, it is conceivable to take one week for recovery.